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Books For Drawing - Magazines - 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide - HOW TO ORDER?
Welcome to Art Center the online store!

The Art Center store is located on Stournari 37 its people have 28 years of experience in art&design supplies, hobby and maquette materials.
The online store of Art Center offers a variety of products in very low prices. After completing your order, one of our representatives will call you in the next 48 hours, and they will inform you about the availability of products and the payment methods. At this point we would like to inform about the transport cost:
The delivery cost for Athens is 3,80 EUROS and outside Athens is 5,50 EUROS
(For parcels until 4kg)
By deposit or charging your card, the transport cost is 2,60 euros for Athens and 3,80 euros for areas outside Athens.
(For parcels until 4kg)
We would also like to mention that:
1. Art Center sends daily orders throughout Greece (or abroad if is requested)
courier is 1-4 working days if the products requested are available.
2. If Art Center sends any wrong material, it pays the return costs.
3. If any mistake is made by the customer or wishes to change a product, then he/she pays the entire return costs.
4.Art Center does not accept back damaged or used products.
5. The store accepts returned parcels only with ACS Turn Around courier.
6. The products travel at the customer's responsibility. However if the parcel is damaged, the customer can refuse to accept it.

Thank you for visiting our store !!

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