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Βιβλία Για Ζωγραφική - Περιοδικός Τύπος - Ταξιδιωτικά / Ενημερωτικά - Berlin Shops & More Taschen
Περιλαμβάνει και ένα συλλεκτικο καρτ ποστάλ!

Go traipsing through Berlin and be sure to catch all the most trendy, original, and traditional shops with this guide to the best the city's shops have to offer. Whether you're a fan of avant-garde fashion or old-fashioned handmade items - or both - we've got all your bases covered. As always, we also suggest perfect places to grab a bite or relax with a refreshing drink while on your shopping spree. Highlights include: Adidas Originals Store; DIM, 130-year-old, wickerwork and brush shop where products are made by physically and mentally handicapped people; Steiff famous German teddy bears, company founded in 1877; Original Erzgebirgskunst, decorative wooden items from a famous German region of traditional crafts; KPM (Konigliche Porzellan Manufaktur) German Royal Porcelain founded in 1763 where you can buy vases designed by famous architect Karl-Friedrich Schinkel; Junemanns Pantoffel-Eck, handmade felt slippers; Ausberlin, souvenirs made in and about Berlin such as books or candles shaped like the Brandenburger Tor; Andreas Murkudis, avant-garde fashion, impressive selection of cutting-edge labels and young Berlin brands; Chocolatier Erich Hamann, scrumptious chocolate made in Berlin in a shop designed by Bauhaus icon Johannes Itten in 1928; and, KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens), opened in 1907, it is Europe's largest department store with an outrageous delicatessen department. Special features include: exclusive hand-illustrated cover; exclusive hand-illustrated map for each area; information such as opening hours, history, and signature dishes; hand-illustrated tear-out postcard; and, softcover with a study PVC jacket.

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